Northern Africa has seen Egypt grow both west and south, though Algeria, Tunisia, Sheba, and the Ethiomalian Territories currently are holding it at bay.

The Kingdoms of Nigeria are divided among various tribes looking to position themselves to get a piece of the oil revenue flowing through the nation.

The ghoul kingdom of Asamando in west Africa is one of the most controversial nations of the world; some see it as a leader in the struggle for ghoul rights, While others take exception to the fact that metahumans are regularly and deliberately fed to the diseased populace of the land.

The Nairobi sprawl in Kenya is home to the Kilimanjaro Mass Driver, which is playing a growing role in promoting space travel.

The nation of Azania has taken over much of the southern part of the continent, and while cultural divisions keep threatening to pull it apart, the money flowing in from its industrial might holds it together.

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